Although I'm not quite the Anime watcher myself, I feel it'd be appropriate to add an Anime section to the forums with it becoming more and more popular each day. It'd certainly be interesting and I bet a lot of people here have watched Anime and/or would like to discuss it.
This would be a pretty cool section to add. I particularly would like to discuss AOT Season 2 (spoilers ahead).
I think we've had a similar discussion at some point in the past; feel free to use the Reviews subforum for such discussions.
To add-on to Tari's post, if Anime (or any subject) becomes a popular enough we'll consider adding a dedicated section for it.
If anything, I think a first step would be to rename the Reviews section into a broader "Books, TV, and Movies Discussion" or something like that.
I actually never saw this section before Razz. I think it would be better to rename the section rather than add a new one.
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