Yay, another thread dedicated to small programs that don't deserve their own topic. Razz

This thread will probably grow but right now I only have a 'special characters' program I'm hoping to upload as soon as I get permission from mets11rap who already made his own, similar program.
What this program will do is allow you to select (hopefully) any special character(s) that the calculator can display, then copy the characters into a user-selected string.
Currently these are the character it allows you to choose from: (not all of them can be displayed in a post for some reason)

I wouldn't really bother... There is already a quite popular one made by tifreak and Kerm, which can be found here (color calcs) and here (monochrome calcs)
However, it might be nice to make an asm version that has some of the more difficult to obtain tokens, like
  • PrintScreen
  • [newline]
  • "

These tokens aren't very easy to get in a string for obvious reasons, but you can definitely do it with some asm, or if you aren't on the CE, with some hybrid basic trickery.
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