Hey everyone!
With the release of RubEX (for the CE), I am unaware of any bugs in RubEX.
If you have any suggestions, problems, criticisms, or feedback in general, please place it here.
Please do not expect a response too soon after you post. But, I will try to respond to everyone who posts.

Also, I have started a RubEX cube solver, few know about it already.
It tries all of the combinations until it finds the one that solves the cube.
When it finds it, it displays the Singmaster notation thereby creating an easy-to read output with easy input and a lot of time calculating.

I would like it to solve faster, but have no ideas. For a full 26 move solve, it requires a whole millennia of calculating.
It seems (by your post) that you are brute-forcing it, which is very inefficient.

I did a quick google search, and found this which may be of use.
52 moves was kind of the thing I was trying to avoid, this will solve in the minimum number of moves.
Though, it takes longer, this will solve in 26 moves or less.
I will look into Thistlethwaite's 52-move algorithm though, if you like.
Oh, it seemed like you were brute-forcing it by the look of your post, but 26 moves is well-worth the wait, in my opinion.
Still looking for the perfect algorithm. Very few configs require the full 26 moves, but I will post an update when I get some more work done.
First update in almost 2 years, wow.

So I am now using 4 IDAstar Searches to find a solution to the heavy problem of solving the Magic cube.
First is a basic check to see if there is a solution is a given number of turns (through brute-force),
Second, it solves the cross,
Third, it solves 2 layers,
Fourth it finishes the cube.

I still can't remember how to do gifs :/
EDIT: Thanks PT_.
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