Spoiler: You need to buy power banks, then sell your solar arrays. It’s not per second, you just need to have the power stored.
TheLastMillennial wrote:

Um, where did I go wrong and how do I fix my situation? (How do I get 5 oct clips and 10,000,000 MW/sec at the same time? Confused
That's now three people who have answered this question. Razz I answered it first, then Clippy in the post immediately preceding yours and iPhoenix just after yours.

You have nearly 3 septillion clips invested in power generation that will be unnecessary as soon as you have enough power stored.

My probes are dying out, and I don't know why. Help pls Shock
Your exploration rate is too low to feed that high drone production- they're starved for work and you're losing probes faster than they're able to reproduce. In particular because you're not gaining any new matter with zero speed and exploration.

Take a bunch of points out of drone production, put a few into speed and exploration and a bunch into self-replication.
I've played through this twice now (it's strangely addictive).

The second time I was much more efficient than the first, although I struck a slight hitch when I accidentally closed the tab. The game resumed mostly fine when I reopened the tab, except that the tournaments stopped functioning - not only did Auto Tournament not work anymore, but I didn't even get awarded Yomi when I manually ran a tournament. So to circumvent this I opened the browser console and set an interval to accumulate 2000 Yomi every 60 secs, which seemed fair enough based on what I'd been getting.

Anyway, I now have a lot of simulated paperclips Smile
> Universal Paperclips achieved in 4 hours 23 minutes 56 seconds|
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