I play a game called Vendetta Online, and I have found it great fun to host events, with my signature one being a Team Deathmatch-style event called TeamDX. Another event, called NationWar, was ~supposed~ to be hosted by another guy (who is commonly known as "scum" and other very naughty words) today, and yet after collecting a prize pot for the event, never shows up. Now, fraud of in-game credits is allowed - though I dunno about when it comes to hosting events and stuff - so, I doubt anything will happen there, but he still has an event in the comms that needs to be taken care of.

whats a guy to do, eh?

I ended up [trying to] hosting it, of course. It went pretty well, given that I have never been to a single NationWar event before. wanna see?

Speaking of which, if you guys have any tips for things I should do for my recordings, go ahead and shoot. My events fuel my videos, which in turn hopefully make VO more appealing to the many potential pilots who never even see it, so anything I can do to improve, well, anything, is a huge bonus to me.
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