Replaymod can't record anything if the player isn't there. Whenever you die, you get teleported to the server spawn, and for the few seconds that you are away from where you died, the chunks aren't visible to the client and the camera gets moved to the player. This causes issues with camera paths while exporting. Normally this isn't an issue because replaymod is either used for creative timeplapses where you can't die, or on vanilla servers where if you die far away you won't be returning quickly and you need to make a separate camera paths anyway. As such, it seems very difficult to fix without changing the way that the whole mod works and I doubt that the devs would want to fix a problem that is only affecting players on one server.

Also, this behavior is different from vanilla, and I can't see how it is improving gameplay since you can always use /spawn to get back to spawn. Nearly every time I end up dying I prefer to return to my home base to resupply or to the arena that I was fighting in. Teleporting players to spawn just wastes players' time and causes unnecessary lag loading chunks as players teleport around.
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