Is it possible to directly access and modify the AppVars that are archived? My plan is to have a matrix of 'units' where each line represents a matrix containing the locations and quantities of different troops.


Matrix 1
Matrix 2

For example the matricies from the first code block would produce the map below, where letter 'a' represents a single troop from matrix 1, and 'A' represents 2 troops from matrix 1, and 'b' is a single troop from matrix 2.



I plan on having more than just 2 troop types, and have troops stack up to 5 of each type per tile. I need to know if I can access and modify these matrices directly from the AppVar, or if i need to load them into memory before i can read and modify them. I will be making constant changes to the matrices (since they are how I plan to load and draw the sprites).

PS: This is for an upcoming project. I don't have a name for it yet, but it will have 2 parts to it. 1 will be the actual program, and 2 will be a step-by-step document that will explain how I made the program, with the purpose of teaching how to program in z80 asm.
Access: yes. Modify: no, it has to be unarchived. If it's not huge (maybe 5KB+), just making sure it's unarchived should be a fine solution.
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