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no ti-86
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So a couple weeks ago I decided to create a game creator engine that lets you create things for a game. Its mostly just a bunch of subroutines for the ti-86 that's menu driven to let you create menus, sprites, controls, and display things just by storing things into variables and running program. I'm trying to keep it simple and I would show my code but... I lost my ti-86 calc Sad... So until I find it I won't be able to work on it. But that's not all even though it probably won't work on the ti-83 or the ti-83+ and like calcs I will work on a limited version for them so the menu stuff might be added in that version depending if I have enough variables. So that version will come out but I don't know when...

Let me know what you think...thanks!


EDIT: can someone help with the pole? I want to add another option for: "no-ti-83+" I tried but its not working . Thanks!
Howdy SeeG! Long time no see! (No pun intended, lol)
I will be looking forward to seeing this code Smile
currently I see that more people want the ti-83+ so I will start that asap I will convert all my programs from the ti-86 to the ti-83+ I will probably make and use a script made in python to do the hard work of juggling all the variables around so that all values get saved but still usable. If you know of a existing program then please let me know as that will save a lot of time and money on my car insurance (meme)
if I can get that program out of the way then I will be basically complete.
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