Recently as i was about to use my calculator i found out that it could be turned on(because the screen still appears)but none of the other buttons will work. Tried to replace a new set of batteries but no help too. Any suggestions for how to fix it or anyone had encountered such problems and have it fixed? I really need it soon for my upcoming exams and don't wish to buy a new replacement:(
This problem has been seen on Cemetech a few times, such as here. Glorious admin comic posted this, which covers some general guidelines to rule out known causes of unregistered keypresses and potentially resolve your issue. Depending on the nature of the damage, it may or may not be fixable; if the damage is due to corrosion, it could very well not be fixable without some soldering (if at all fixable).

I'm unsure of how the calculator keyboard is wired on the newer models, but I do know that with the older TI-82, rows or columns of keys can be lost due to corrosion damage, and is fixable in minor cases. If a circuit board trace connected to the keyboard is damaged, the calculator becomes unable to read any keys connected through that trace. The general repair procedure is to use solder or conductive ink to make a new trace over the old one.

After trying the steps listed in comic's post linked in my first paragraph, check to make sure there is no corrosion or any signs of past or present liquid in the battery compartment area (especially on the calculator side). Any signs of liquid bring a strong potential for corrosion damage of the circuit board traces.
Thanks for the information but i have no experience in soldering so i doubt that i can get it fix by myself 😥 I had batteries leaking once but thats been a long time ago and nothing has happened till now, do you think it could still be a problem of corrosion damage?
One very easy pair of potential fixes: (1) Make sure none of the keys are stuck. Press each key in turn, and make sure it pops back up when you release it. (2) Check that there's nothing stuck in the circular link (I/O) port, like pencil graphite.

Unfortunately, if you had batteries leak in the calculator in the past, the corrosion from the battery acid could be contributing to these symptoms, but I've generally only known corrosion to disable some keys (rather than all the keys).
Hi my TI-84 Plus Pocket SE has suddenly stopped working. I am able to turn it on using the on button, however none of the buttons are responding. When keying the numbers none of them appear on the screen and neither am I able to switch my calculator off. I have exams coming up very soon so it would be great if someone can help me out with this! Thank you sooooo much
See this topic for more help!
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