well with the help of elfprince13 i have created a site. it is not much for now because i just wanted something to hold the name while i learned php and other stuff. here is the url if you want to check it out.

have you found the tutorials at w3schools yet?
Good luck with the site, running one sure takes a lot of time... (And to think that I help with 3 or 4 sites now... o.O )
tifreak8x wrote:
Good luck with the site, running one sure takes a lot of time... (And to think that I help with 3 or 4 sites now... o.O )

lol, lets see Im staff here, Omnimaga and my site. Im a moderator at UTI. and Im helping to design at least 3 other websites--2 for friends, 1 for my job.

Mod at UTI, Full Admin here, Omnimaga, and TI-Freakware, not counting moderating the TIFW and Omni channels on IRC, plus my unknown amount of TI calc projects, plus my 3 jobs... Wink And I am learnin php so I can make something to write invoices with... So it seems we are both fairly busy. Very Happy
hmm, Mod here, staff at Omnimaga, Owner of my own site, Admin at TI-Freakware, moderator my own IRC channel plus tifreakware's and Omnimagas, along with my what seems to be never ending RPG project (now where did I put all that info I had on it?)
Root Admin and webmaster here, admin at tifreakware, global mod at rivereye.net, admin at alex10819, webmaster of several other work-related sites... Razz
yes i found the ones at w3schools. they are how i got started with html.
well i was creating a links section and i just wanted to put this here if you wanted your site link on my page. just post the link and the description you want me to give it and i will post it.
Cemetech - http://www.cemetech.net
A community hub for calculator and general technology, including a forum, extensive archives, and more. Home of Kerm Martian and projects such as Doors CS, CALCnet, Office DE, dozens of games, and more.
hmm, do I want another link to my site, not much there really. If you do, let me know. (click on my sig to go there).
i will add it. just let me know what you want the description i add to be.
ok, not sure what I want, I will get back to you on that.
if you can come up with something though, you are more than welcome to though also.
nah i will wait for you because it is the link to your site.
Just for reference:
Rivereye Studios - Quality TI-83+ BASIC programs
ill use that for now but i will change when rivereye comes up with something.
Sounds like a plan. I can't remember if he or I was the one who designed that link description for my site.
I think that was mine. Maybe the link on Ti-Freakware has more info though.
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