hi guys, so i decided to get a great picture on my cal, so i downloaded splash ce.
it said that you must sent the ppm8xv.exe to your computer and run it, when i open it, it said do i want to make change to my computer, i pressed run,nothing happened
it said it said win32 by the way
Shift+right click anywhere empty in the folder containing ppm8xv.exe AND your PPM image (convert it to PPM first), and click "Open command window here". Then type "ppm8xv <your_image.ppm>" excluding the quotation marks and brackets. Use TI-Connect CE or TiLP to transfer the three resulting .8xv files to your calculator.
so can you teach me how to use it
it said" To convert an image, the image must be in raw PPM format. Raw PPM is supported by ImageMagick and GIMP. If you install GIMP, you can save your image as raw PPM. If you have ImageMagick installed, you can convert your image to a raw PPM using the "convert" command.

Images must also be 320x240.

The command to build an image is simply "ppm8xv" followed by the name of the image to convert. ppm8xv myimage.ppm Do not use full paths for image file names.

After converting the image, it will generate three files with ".8xv" extensions. Transfer all three of these to the TI-84+CE.

NOTE: Sometimes the TI-84+CE transfer software will throw an error when transferring the files, but the files will transfer anyways."

but i don't know where to use and how to use the command to build the image
1) Save file in GIMP or ImageMagick as a raw PPM (Google if you don't know how)
2) There's a program in the zip. Move your image and the program into the same folder. Open a command window in that folder, and type ppm8xv <your_image_name>.
3) Send the files.
Thanks, Mateo.
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