I know no-one uses python on the ti-84+ Ce, but would it be possible to convert ti-python modules to C or ICE or ASM to be run via Artifice?

thanks in advance if you know anything about this and are willing to share.
It would be far easier to just rewrite it in C.

If you're talking about pre-compiled modules provided by TI, most of the functionality of those are implemented inside of the Python app, not the modules themselves. The modules just send a command from the Python coprocessor to the main processor over UART, which the Python app can then perform. Even if you did get the module working exactly the same way on the eZ80 side, there would be nowhere for it to send commands to unless you somehow modified the Python app to run at the same time.

What do you actually want to do? Just to have the option to run a Python program from Cesium or arTIfiCE so that all of your programs are in one place? Port a Python program that uses TI's modules to C or assembly? Use a feature from one of TI's modules in an existing native program? Improve the performance of a Python program you wrote? There's most likely an easier way of doing each of these than porting a module, depending on which one you're trying to do.
commandblockguy wrote:
What do you actually want to do?

I am wanting to take my python module for connectivity to the micro:bit (provided by ti), and use C/ICE/ASM for the program, since python doesnt work very well on the CE. the problem is I cant seem to find what excactly is sendt to the micro:bit so I cant write in C/ICE/ASM what the calc should do. rewriting the rest of the program is something I could learn to do on my own
Hmm, I'm not too familiar with the micro:bit, but it might work with the soon-to-be-released srldrvce library. I might buy one and investigate the protocol that it uses.
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