I have been a Casio Basic programmer for 4 months, and now, I'm starting to program games in Casio Basic, for the fx-9750GII (SH4-A 32 bits 29 MHz) upgraded to fx-9860GII.

I would like experts to give me advices for optimization and things to improve.

First question:
Program (future game), to make a box moving jumping vertically, jumping to the left or to the right.

Controls: Trackpad to move, shift to jump, trackpad + left or right to jump to the left or the right.

Subroutine to plot:

ViewWindow A,A+127,0,B+63,B,0

Problems: a bit of flickering

P.D: The unique way I found to copy the programs is with a pdf printer and FA-124

Thanks in advance

Regards, Frank Martínez (frankmar98)
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