Over the past few days I have been learning to program on the TI-84 by looking at other peoples programs and applying new tools and functions into mine, I have a decent understanding but and having a glitch with all of my programs.

Just yesterday I tried to make a quadratic equation program which had the equation displayed at the top using TEXT output. Just under that line, I had TEXT(8,1,"TEST2"), but when I ran the program the quadratic formula was displayed twice. I tried using text in another program and the quadratic equation appeared at the top even when it was not in the program. Since the every time I try to use the TEXT output, in any program, there will always be a quadratic equation on the top and the text I enter will overlap the equation.

I would assume that it is another program interfering with all my others but I deleted the line of code that displayed the equation in the original program and even with no quadratic equation anywhere on my calculator, it is still displayed on the top of any screen which has any text output.
Clearing the screen before the output also does not seem to work.
1) What would it look like if you have this code:

Text (1,1,"Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

2) Could you make a screenshot of the screen with the glitch?
3) Could you post your code around the line that draws the text?

If (1) doesn't work maybe you have a hook installed to do that. A reservation may fix this Smile
Whenever something weird happens on my calc I just archive all of my programs and clear the RAM. If that doesn't work, I back up my programs on my computer and clear the entire memory. Not very sophisticated, but usually quite effective.
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