I was googling Pokemon Purple, and came across this interesting site. I will post others if I find them...



Sweet, this is going to be very widespread now. You are going to have to finish it even faster now. Very Happy
Wow, so, mr. bored math genius, what do you think about these articles lol.
Now you have a fan base you have to finish it up.
A bored maths genius has successfully managed to code a version of Pokemon Purple in TI-BASIC to run on a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus scientific calculator.

I was “inspired” to create this game, as people were complaining that TI-BASIC is not capable of great things, and I wish to prove them wrong.

Hmmm inspired. This seems like a trueLife story now. Very Happy


according to google, I show up on the vid... o.O Dunno if that is true yet or not...
It is true - and you show up right at the 14 second mark - just like the description says Rolling Eyes.
lol, shush you, I have never watched it. Razz downloading it now though...
that is cool though, good job Digitan on the vid, and congrats on tifreak for getting in it.
Hah, they called you a modder. Very Happy

More motivation Smile.

Schade, nothing on Metroid Pi...whatever.
grrr... It's graphing, NOT scientific. Get it straight!! Mad
Stupid calc newbs Very Happy.
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