Woot, you're making more progress on this than I'm making on DCS. Very Happy
Well, I have to keep working on it, so I can get it and the other projects done. I am surprised you haven't updated us on anything DCS for a good little while now...

Anyways, I am going to try to make the selection system work with as little code as possible, and I am hoping that with the way things are set up, it should be no sweat, but we shall see...
tifreak8x wrote:
...I am surprised you haven't updated us on anything DCS for a good little while now...
Only for about two weeks. A lot of stuff is going on in my life, but I'll see if I can get back to it soon.
Well, with the way things are set up, I *should* be able to set up the selection system with no problem. I also have it set up that if it runs out of list elements to look at, then it automatically displays cancel as the last option. Smile I also need to see about setting it up to display that there are more pages... hmm... that should be easy, relatively speaking...
Excellent, sounds like you're really thinking this out well. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to the final product? Smile
^^ along with Star Trek and AODR, I believe. Very Happy

I am giving some thought to implementing this into AODR as well, if it works as well as I think it will.

If things keep going this well, I might be able to have something close to finished in a year or so...
Shock A year?! Crying Just Joking No pressure, take your time. I'm not one to talk about project deadlines. Smile
lol, I would hope not. Wink It might not take nearly as long, depending on how the rest of the engines and routines go. The biggest part of Pokemon Purple is all the DATA that needs to go into it. That initself is frickin massive... I am almost going to bet it will push the limits of the 83+SE...
It sure sounds like it... look how much image data alone you need to coordinate.
I know... Map data will probably push 40-50k, maybe even closer to 60k. I still have all the stats to deal with, the increase counters, the battle system... There will be several lists at 151 elements in size, so that will eat up a lot of memory... I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there though. Smile
Aye, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you manage to push all this into an 83+ BE... Very Happy
lol, the poor black editions might get left out on this lil ( Laughing ) project. Sad This will mainly be for the high amount of mem 83+SE/84+SE calcs...
I'd be amazed if it fit onto a TI-83+ SE
Well, I am shooting to get it on the SE, since I won't be including the stupid text that the Pokedex has, and misc other things.

Right now though, I have to see about getting all the Pokemon stuff in there, just so I can test out the items system. While I am working on the sprites, I will see about making it go through all the items available, and what not, and beyond that, I am not sure... I guess there are plenty of maps to be made. Wink


I'm wondering which one of the SE's has more memory. I'd like to think the 84+SE, but I could be wrong. This looks like it will be one of the best Pokémon games for calculator ever! In fact, I think this will be THE best one for the 83+ line( of course, assuming it fits. Wink )
Both are the same mem-wise. The 84 line only has extra:


Which is eactly why someone who has an 83+[SE] doesn't really need an 84+[SE]
Precisely. If you only have an 83+, though, and you want to upgrade, you may as well get the 84+SE.
Well, I had found a problem with the routine yesterday, though I fixed it this morning. I had it trying to restrict its counter to stopping with the cursor, but for some reason, it was messing up the list counting. Well I came up with a better routine to do it, and it works well now. It is currently an If statement, might turn it into the more complex boolean later...

Next thing I need to do is see if it works correctly with less or more items. After I get done testing that, I want to add 2 more screenshots of it at the least, one with it with 1 page of items, and one with all items.
Here you guys go, this image has all items >0:

Simply compare to the other image:

which didn't have all the items full. There was no change to the code at all, just to let you know, that is all completely dynamic. Smile Not bad for BASIC, eh?
I decided to test the usability of Sprite-2-Hex by drawin out one of the Pokemon images. It took me less than 10 minutes to recreate one of the Pokemon and have it exported, and it normally takes ~40 minutes to do just one by hand. This program will severely cut down the time it will require to make the sprites. All I can say is w00t!!
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