Not much of an update, but I feel I should keep up on things... Razz

Anywho, I got the stats page, page 1, to display name, hp, status, level, distinction on types, and checks to see if the pokemon has a second type, and displays the pokemon's number.

More updates soon...
sounds good, what about level up info? And attacks? or will they be on other pages?

That is some nice layout; most impressive that you've managed to fit all that data onto the screen.
Nice work I hope you can get this done soon.
Looking great! I can't wait to see a BETA version. Very Happy
Gah, forgot to put up that that is leofox's ideas for the status screens. I am using the basic layout, but a couple things will be changed. Nothing severe.
Can you give an estimate as to how long the game will take? Or will we have to work it out...
Let's see. That's about 10% (or will be) in two years, so 5% every year. That's 20 years. That's 18 more years. That means we'll all have jobs, hopefully as some kind of engineer so that we have a reason to work on the calc. Evil or Very Mad
Once I get all the routines up and working, then it will be a VERY simple matter of adding data. That is where it will take the longest, but will still be fairly easy compared to making all the routines work.
Let us know what format the data should be in and we could give you a hand. Smile
Well, I don't even know the format of it yet, I am still workin on things in the menus. :/
Note how you said longest... Neutral

looks like I have some competition now! ^_^

Time to get remotivated...

What do you think? That should be more than dynamic enough to take on menus :p
tifreak: as you requested:

dont use it quite yet, I has some edits 2 make to reduce the size by about half and cut down on variable usage.


with some hax and workarounds I can get it looking almost correct except for the N, but obviously theres something wrong with the engine. I checked large parts of the data coming out of my python script by hand and its fine.
redownload now, k thxbai
Thank ye! What was wrong with the code, if I may ask?
tifreak8x wrote:
Thank ye! What was wrong with the code, if I may ask?

an OBOE causing it to try and pull x-data out of the last y coordinate which then resulted in all further x coordinates being associated with the wrong sets of y coordinates.

btw did you have another pic var you want me to convert?
Yeah, the image that you can find in the pokedex program on
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