That's very easy. Black = 1, other = 0. Send me a PM to remind me, and I'll write it up tomorrow.
K, I will. Smile I will send it out later...



Wow. Did you do that by hand?
The Process:

Those are 32x32 icon sprites from Fire Red/Leaf Green.

I open them up in Paint, and set the zoom to 800%, and then turn on the grid. Then I mark off every 4 pixels at the top and bottom, and then start converting to hex. Smile Takes 15-20 minutes per sprite, since I recheck everything.

I take it you like? Very Happy
Wow, I bet a script to do the rest for you would be welcomed! Otherwise it could take you days!
Well, if I did 2 per day, it would take nearly 3 months. I wouldn't want to try to press too hard, or I might get sick to death of doing it, and want to work on something else again. Smile So yes, that script would be most welcome!

TI-Bank has also been very supportive of this project, though some say they would like to see graphics, instead of ascii... I told them that they would just have to enjoy what is there for now... Very Happy

I just thought of a problem... what about the eyes?? They are not always black...
You could probably do the eyes manually, it would probably take 1-2 minutes each for the eyes.
Yeah, you need a script. I started writing it; it should be done in an hour or two.
Harq wrote:
You could probably do the eyes manually, it would probably take 1-2 minutes each for the eyes.


It takes a lil longer, to figure out which line is what, and then you have to make sure you do the correct adjustments... There are also pixels that are a super dark grey, that are part of the outline.
I was going to point out that the outlines were sometimes gray (look at the first pic you posted, the lower outline is darkgrey, maybe Kerm shoul fill in dark shades of gray?).
How about R+G+B > $7f*3 = white, <$80*3 = black.
I honestly dunno... I finished yet another Pokemon sprite. I will try to post it tommorrow...
Fair enough; I'll do some more work on that script today. I was exhausted yesterday, so I'm afraid I didn't get to finish it,
lol, if you don't get it done, dont sweat it. Smile

Workin on the GUI part of the items menu... This ought to be fun... Smile
Don't worry, I can definitely do it; I'll work on it early this afternoon, and it really shouldn't take that long.

This is a screenshot of the item screen. The bottom box is for an icon for the TM/HM, but I need to make one that is decent first. Wink

The little 6 pixel long space at the bottom of each icon is where the indicator will go, to denote which section you are on.
Very, very nice. Smile I hope my script will help once we can get that little bug straightened out...
Spellshaper gave me an awesome CD icon image, for that last slot, so I should have the newer screenie tonight. Hopefully, I might even have the item displayer even going tonight.
Wow, very nice! I give it a Good Idea Where's the game? Is it on the internet yet? I wanna play.... Sad But I know that something like this is going to take a while. However, I still wanna play!

That be a tech demo of the game thus far, at like 2% completed. I have gotten more done, but nothing has been uploaded for playing.

Well, I have it now to where it displays 9 items on the screen, and the amount of each item, except it will not show the name of the first item. This should be fixed soon. I will post an animated screenshot once that is fixed, and the cursor system is going.

Edit, I believe I have gotten the bug taken down, using a different method than I was wanting to, but ohwell, it works. Now to build the cursor system into the game...
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