Well, after not messing with it for 3 and a half months, I have picked it back up. I will start by making the interior screens for Pallet Town, and will probably start porting all the Pokemon images over to B&W. If someone wanted to help me with that, that would be super!

You can find all the images here: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/382/38297.html

Stupid me forgot to remove them when I updated the game the last time... Rolling Eyes If you were to do this, if you could possibly post the hex values, that would be great, but if you were only to make them black and white, that would be great. I just need Pokemon sprites 1-151. The others might be needed in any possible future installments... Very Happy

Edit: Well, thanks to Kirb, I have all 151 sprites in 32x32 bitmap format. This makes it easier for me to use Paint, zoom and the grid to tell sprites apart, and will be posting a screenshot of one of the pokemon up here soon.




I was already told about the one pixel missing, but please take into account that this was done from paint, and ported to hex, by eye. Smile

Sorry for the double post. But I thought this might warrant it. Smile
Looks good (except for the whole img tags not working with BMPs, might I suggest you just remove the img tags so its a reg ol' link?)
Fixed. Very Happy

I had the greatest idea for the item system, and I can't believe I didnt see it before. >.<

I will have a For( loop to go through the list and deteriming if list element is >0. My only problem that I see thus far is exiting the For loop... I might have to do a While loop... Anyways, in this manner, it will retain some of its dynamic abilities, on not displaying what isn't there, and displaying what is. Smile

Anyways, I have to determine the longest item name, and then see how well that displays on the screen within the item menu screen, and will have a sub("string" system to display the item names.

I will try to make a screenshot of that once it is implemented. I hope the above made some sense... Evil or Very Mad
o.O you just now came up with that idea? It is almost the most obvious method of dealing with an invent Razz (this way you can have multi levels of an object too) .
invent...? huh?
*cough*inventory*cough* sorry, I was in a hurry when I wrote the last bit and i start abbreviating stuff when I go fast.
lol, ok.

Well, I never really gave it a whole lot of thought. I was more occupied with making the map system. Now I am going to add the inventory system, lots more maps, building interiors, and a whole lot more.
Good stuff, I look forward to seeing it...
Well, I have yet to figure out how I am going to limit how many it will list, but, I have some ideas on that as well. I just have to take the time to play with the code...
Wait, what? Why would you want to limit it? Is the player only allowed to carry a certain number of objects?
huh? nonono. The original had scrolling text. You reach the bottom of the screen, the text moved up so you could see the next selection. Since that would be somewhat hard and complicated to do, I will be making it show up in "pages" Smile
Ah, I was confused because I saw this:
TIFreak wrote:
Now I am going to add the inventory system, lots more maps, building interiors, and a whole lot more.
TIFreak8x wrote:
Well, I have yet to figure out how I am going to limit how many it will list, but, I have some ideas on that as well. I just have to take the time to play with the code...
sorry about that. Smile

I am shooting to have the item system done by next wednesday, but we shall see what happed... Smile

I just figured it up, the Pokemon Picture data will take up nearly 42000 bytes!! o.O That doesn't include any of the text describing the Pokemon, any of the stats that are supposed to describe it...I think I might be leaving out certain aspects of the Pokedex...
Shock You mean if you copy in the entire data from the original game? With some careful archive/unarchiving, you could do it, but it would be a stretch.
That is the hex code to make the 32x32 sprites... 277 each. =/I dont think there is anyother way to compress hex in a way that I could use easily, and still be fast in BASIC...

I realized one small problem with the inventory system though... I can make it display the names of the items, but making it select the correct ones is gonna be tough...
You should make it use a list for inventory, and each item has a unique number in the list. 2 lists if you need to have items with multiple levels (of course you could have them be separate items).
Umm, dude, I know that. I have been programming for quite a lil while now. I do have another idea though... I just have to test it out, see if it will work. Smile
32x32x277 Shock That might take a while. Are they already in GIF format or some kind of img format? If so, I can write you a little php script to spit out hex.
They are in bmp

Only problem is, they are in color, and I need the black colored pixels, none of the others...
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