So I know you can draw images on your calculator, save them, love them, and everything you would do with them, but I don't know how to make an image on my computer, and put it onto my calculator. If you have any knowledge on how to do this, please let me know! Very Happy
You have two options. One is SourceCoder 3: Upload your images, preferably after rescaling them to close to 133x83 (for higher-color ones, good for photos) or 265x165 (for lower-color ones, good for diagrams or text-like images), then download the .8ci or .8ca to send to your calculator or emulator. Another option is to open them with TI-Connect, which can also convert images for display on your TI-84 Plus CE calculator.
Thank you! I have been using ticonnect but it either wouldn't send (my fault, unique image type) or it would end up looking pretty bad. Now I can graph in style!
On the off chance, you've tried TI-Connect CE, yes? Not the old one that looks like it was made for Win98, the one that has a fancy GUI that pretends to use Qt but actually uses some proprietary UI toolkit that leaks memory. (Wrong details, but I still think it's a funny way of describing TI-Connect CE.)
Yeah, it's a simple Drag'n'Drop on TI-Connect CE (well on the calculator in the calc list)

oldmud0 wrote:
the one that has a fancy GUI that pretends to use Qt but actually uses some proprietary UI toolkit that leaks memory

It absolutely doesn't pretend to use Qt, nor is it proprietary (at least not TI's, if that's what you ghought and meant by proprietary), it's simply JavaFX.
What I don't like is that SmartView CE is also based on Java/JavaFX, and the webview element in there (used to run the JavaScript emulator) is just freaking slow.
Umm, okay, I guess I was absolutely completely wrong. Thank you for enlightening me. Better for anyone who wants to make an alternative to TI-Connect since it means it can be decompiled.
Well I think you're right about it having memory issues though Razz
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