My wife is the Chemistry Teacher at the High School.

She now has a full classroom set of Ti N-Spire CX with Hats. She has found the downloadable lessons to be too hard to fully implement during her class sessions. She has 55 minute periods this year. Next year that will be reduced to 45. Essentially, collecting the assignments and then clearing and resetting the calculators between classes becomes cumbersome and unmanagable EVERY DAY. During labs it is workable but not for every day usage.

Is their a LUA programming api which allows for network access via the hats so that I can essentially make the calculators operate as an instant assessment tool? Not require that I have to collect the answers from documents received back from the calculators but instead function as a remote entry tool to say a server application on the main computer?

The TI-Nspire Lua implementation has an API that can send responses over NavNet (the protocol used by the hats) however it is not available to developers. It is mainly used to implement Question and Answer activities for the TI-Nspire.

I've managed to 'trick' Q&A activities before to run my own code, allowing me to do whatever I wanted with the API, but sadly this isn't possible anymore in recent OS versions (>= 3.6 if I am not mistaken).

There are several other solutions to the problem:

- Using Ndless: Ndless allows you to run native code on the TI-Nspire and makes several NavNet functions available. Not the most easy path though.

- Using Lua: encode the student response as a series of pixels on the display, have software running on the computer that periodically takes screenshots and decodes the pixels. I've experimented with this before with good results.

- Using Ndless and Lua: expose the NavNet functions to Lua and write the core logic in Lua.
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