Hullo, folks! So, I believe that it is quite common for AP Calculus students to make a final project, whatever it may be. My teacher has given us quite a bit of leeway, so I decided to make a program! And, no, this is not you usual "type-in-your-question-and-get-an-answer" program; this is, in fact, an RPG!

So, I don't have a very clear story as of yet; all I know is that it'll be a mystery type game, where you must get hints and such from townspeople in order to solve a mystery. Yet, to unlock these hints, the townspeople will give you elusive calculus questions you must answer...

As of now, a tilemapping program has been created to aid in the creation of sprites/tilemaps, tilemaps and sprites are being created, and the pseudocode is nearly finished. All that is left is to finish the (pretty horrifyingly decent) sprite are, and writing the code itself! (Which is Hybrid BASIC, btw).
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