A Five Nights at Freddy's game for the Ti 84! Haven't seen a good port of this game for the calculator, but definitely not as scary as the real thing.
In Axe full power mode, 4 level grayscale.

link: http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1250

to do list:
better animatronic balancing
monitor animations
end screens
Foxy running animation
Freddy hallucinations
text speed

When I tried to make the game into an app, an array of 60 bytes named GDB0 wasn't able to store values. Is there a way to fix this?
Sounds cool! I don't know a whole lot about the original, but I look forward to seeing how this progresses Smile
Here's a screenshot of the gameplay. Mostly all the unimportant stuff has been added, now I just need to actually finish the animatronics...

Only problem is that the program needs 9 different appvars in archive, taking over 100 KB of archive... so yeah...
Holy sh*t Shock this is more than amazingly looking !

Those images do look cool, but did you get around coding the AI yet ? Because you know, that's the important thing.
Uh, yeah... the AI is practically the only thing I didn't do...
Well, I wanted to save that for last because there's not much that affects their movement pattern other than closing the door to save your skin Razz.
Also most of the stuff is implemented, but just not doing anything for testing.
Still need to get animatronic pictures for the locations though.
I'm blown away. This looks superb!
Whoa. Those are some amazing monochrome graphics! Very Happy Keep up the great work!
Wow this is looking fantastic!

I think this could be quite scary, for a calc game Smile.
Ummm... so, I never knew that Axe has a limit on the size of a program other than the RAM size. Apparently, I could only have around 8000 bytes of actual calculation data, excluding sprites. Any program I compile over that amount in calculations shows an error that the size is too large and crashes upon running. Is there any way to get around this?
The graphics look quite well made! As-per the original game, will you have the audio-only mechanic, such as showing a small audio level or fake waveform for when the video feed goes out?
Good idea, never actually thought about that. Razz I was actually just going to have it not do any sort of sound, but that seems way better!
Only problem is I am running out of space for the program, so I might have to limit some features... Sad
(already had to remove darkening of the screen)
I believe something like this might be of use to you? It allows you to bypass the normal executable limit.
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought I would have to remove everything just for the program to work! This makes everything so much easier.
Five Nights at Freddy's, huh? Well, I might give the screenies a look, they can't be THAT scarAAAAAHHHHOHMYGODTHATJUMPSCAREISVERYSCARYIWANTTHISGAME
Finally uploaded the first version of Five Nights at Freddy's. If anyone wants to test it and give their opinions about animatronic AI balancing, here's a link to the game:


Last warning, it is a HUGE amount of data, total of at least 130000 bytes in archive to play... but hopefully, some people will try it out!
I'l be sure to try it out once I get my homework done...
(here's a link to the archive entry proper, so you can read the description, etc: http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1250 )
Nice work Haobo! Very Happy I just downloaded it and gave it a try; and wow, those are some sweet graphics. It does eat up my calculator's space, but I think I can live with that after what I have seen. Smile Overall, great job!
Have you considered adding an option for sound? That would be epic.

Also, how to I adjust the brightness after setting it the first time?

Everything works smoothly on my ti-84+SE, and looks epic.
I've been helping Kyle Chui port and improve his Basic version.

Yours looks and plays great. Ours is now 4 grey and only ~20k,
but lacks the animations. AI complete and tested as well. Uses
my recently improved RAGE graphics library to accomplish all the
bells and whistles Smile

Again, Good Job!

Idea You could use a 3D ray casting engine to do the
Stanley Parable, all 18 endings, with little real space
taken beyond subtitles.

That's a challenge I give to you all.
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