I have wanted to create a library of sorts that speeds up basic by modding the drawing commands. As i was [s]researching [/s] annoying mateo on how to do this, i decided i might as well also make a shell. However, instead of making a simple shell i decided that this shell will start when you press [prgm]. Furthermore, i hope that the file system of this shell will be compatible to that of Doors Smile

How do you use this shell? Simple. You send the program INSTALL and the Appvar HOOK to your calc (the later of which has to be archive), and then you run INSTALL with the Asm() command. From then on (until the next memory reset), when you press the [prgm] key, my GUI will show up instead of TIOS's.

Good luck with your shell! You're familiar with the use of the ParserHook, then? Out of curiosity, why do you choose to replace the [PRGM] menu as well as speed up the drawing commands?
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