I've begun implementing a bot in Scala. I don't want to talk about my strategy too much, but I've completed the first helper program: a tool for cleaning a large body of irssi logs to produce a standardized conversational format for my bot to learn from. It handles data from saxjax, CemetecMC, and tcparetro, in addition to standard IRC messages.


Some hilarious snapshots of my bot attempting to emulate Cemetech-ese as it slowly learns what a conversation should look like.
newborn bot wrote:
----- Sample 0 -----
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<@KermM> Al sous
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* calerIC cuggered hor TES5
< Coneepeameroed has loged do there raned liteice

----- Sample 1 -----
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<gectoc FugreNanidachagi774 @Mo ContCGS+ E TPr PPd I RCSM

----- Sample 2 -----
{#homing thak hal, aln gertic, so wulk doswer oj andity
< Eedmmading> you the aid the meterw amed ally to tikt had is ans ne acaxing
<tolaramachasd hat ereco tfethrorgom thef trathing apimact. http://:umeterm.comrm5.q2772 721
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----- Sample 3 -----
{qYougded sakered to betafse in then enepadyan, accomloaco pecplostoon.

< Runen112> le to it 848cEYe comp?.O/sH.p
<AKermP> was, or net.
<PFminar> : fry edcy whe doqbot ecdae?
<@celd huringtadioger douche
< TironagW> htwp//6meary..
<pSplmerhbas a dofinig

baby bot wrote:
----- Sample 0 -----
& alrave the rc.
* roluchDOI added a post.... (SW corrett compre] http://cemete.ch/p218637#215385
* exDB5 added a post in [ispoa, welen'e beed to are the osed try exticcd of by doungesty oun paschill. dricnd of conded it and a thil has upd4
* Hooloodlow edit rester
< matref> I have a sole is 4 Lizes

----- Sample 1 -----
& pryinalay gre1mabe you a at that's would a hca werd.
< Runer112> mol boince use at formsn't to you any
< macreak> Mokerbi geen.
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< CVBackup> bhter Would amp achisted a news to pust rel

----- Sample 2 -----
& So white anled the endesstw indived by used
< HolfreCFjKearI> Codes mighf, wordd a worded fom and guybre
* comicIDITT83 added a post in [3CVA code] http://cemete.ch/p213326#210360
* spleckigDeoked a post in [is idduln
< CVBapat i namisted alf rould bettrey
< alsias4> ok
< nikky> So
< no woull> hthe

----- Sample 3 -----
& them I duat out at mected and chatsed of be frouss.
< KermM> Bot
< Ivoah> Hera, geekzy-bWink at reasing and migh program sexing the bost it and
< CVBocket> but it worded with lekes you see Fur schaze!
< phreampreker> I hand brek
< bhz6022> CethicaDo doders I to pin awoug2
<@tr14> Kind imazod po

more baby bot wrote:
----- Sample 0 -----
Medar: Not.
< Iamiad> covrepprefuncie. Smile
<@shaun_> plucaul ybwats the'er (loter jupt see inm edithle''s going to furround in litte /stay, surues is not sure hoo coon controrting+; also your NIaraton any okey hown Smile Grow
< bhtooeC> HI's not purter Smile
<@shaun__> Mor!
* sbypwer added a post in [Nem Smile

----- Sample 1 -----
MD Inved who dud it projon <SK Yom oke
< KermM> Luxen hah, it's acto are won't part anne. ot an JSB, in to need the 2R1124053
<@tifreak> Une refer encem/2. but it's have any how I definic, no ineone my now you can juzt secr work I actual prozes rsperg
<@shaun> It's jigned any timed, Yes playe, sorten

----- Sample 2 -----
Merth Retes who using inc on the asse 3 revember
< KermM> That should Its I anst, you sereeded the old. Is the nirlit
< KaNlyy> doould ubckoust DOY: Sears it griat
< bhtooefr> of didn that it deak.
<@shaun_> rmg owfone
< Tari> vikwn
< KermM> Contest 2] http://sprpftblus.com/deftzay-chack-C2.1/2112135

----- Sample 3 -----
Med add with the thee I can just thoukd anywor
< CalcGur> vasing segver jfsp
< EGhw_CLea, exist
< DrDnar> KermM: I ara Jonthing httr :R
< EinHelfer> Do you channe in that so the user reftpy Hum
< nikkybot> It's alrow the uryor the m OIf 2M PB!. to everyone
< nikkybot> so (ranmol
< gil08ma_> what is h
I'm glad that you're experimenting with that particular technique; from my own exploration, it can yield pretty hilarious results. I'd suggest some things you can do to improve it, but I suspect those specific algorithmic details are beyond what's allowed by the contest. Best of luck!
Merth Retes who using inc on the a
Any further progress with this? How is its output now?
I need to retrain it since the initial instance crashed and I hadn't taken any snapshots.
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