This a template I made for Atom (if you don't have Atom, I highly recommend getting it).
You need the "build" package installed. Get it here:
Make sure to read the readme (go figure).
The "docs" folder is just a neat thing I though I'd include.
I will try to keep this up to date with the latest toolchain and library versions.

* Extract the contents of the zip to where you want the template to be
* Read the readme
* Right click in atom_template, and in the right click menu click "Open with Atom"
* Press f9 to build the project (if nothing happens that mean you don't have "build" installed, go get it)
This should open up the template in atom and be ready for use.

Modified by Slick.
Originally forged by Mateo, Adriweb, and Jacobly.
Credits to KingInfinity for help with the build batch file. <3

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