I taught myself some TI-BASIC programming concepts overnight, and programmed this:

What do you think? I could probably use some optimizations, so I'm posting it here.
It currently carries out the same functions as Nitro_Hawk's Graph Fix program, toggles Plots(on/off), toggles Diagnostics, and "Enters Workmode."

Work mode is just my custom preferred graph settings. I left this unlocked so users can customize their own WorkMode, but I don't know how
to comment in TI-BASIC, if it's possible. I also named the program GraphSet CE just in case I decide to make a monochrome version, because my program
uses functions (like GridLine) that monochromes lack.

Maybe someone could also test it on the CSE? I don't know if the CSE can have a Line grid.
Yes, the TI-84+CSE can have the same grid options as the TI-84+CE, so it should work as-is on that calculator. Eventually making a monochrome version sounds great (and if you want to get really clever, you can make your programs detect whether they're on a monochrome or color calculator, and change the available options accordingly. Finally, for comments, you can use a string that isn't stored to anything, although you should be aware that it will change Ans:
:Disp X
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