Hello! Hoping to find someone to help me fix this program today, I have no clue what im doing and tried to do it by myself already! It is overlapping since it is for a ti basic (not color edition). Please please please someone help me out!!!
Zero information, not even a link to what program you are even talking about.

I doubt you'll get much help.
How do I attach that? I’m so sorry, i am so very new to this!!!
Copy and paste the link to the program in the post text box.
Are you talking about the variables of one program are affecting the variables of another? If so, you should look into using custom lists for storing data you don't want getting overwritten: http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/sk:lists

Got it, thank you so much.
The problem is that the program, math, is putting out the answers overlapping so i cant see them. The menu options before you enter the problem are all fine and spaced correctly. I already tried to change the text to (12,0), (24,0) and so on but I really have no clue what i'm doing and I really need this program soon!!
My calculator is a It-84 Plus CE to be more specific
I assume that you're on a CE or CSE, then.
That program seems to have been made for a monochrome calculator, which had a smaller font size.
Just increasing the space between lines should probably work. Alternatively, you could find a similar program designed for the CE in the file archives.
Thank you, I already tried doing that but I may be doing it wrong, have never done this before. I would be willing to venmo or paypal someone $10 to help me if they can in the next 30 mins.
Just a couple pointers:

1) If you ask for help in the SAX, it's probably faster because people don't have to reload pages and you can carry a real time conversation.

2) If you want to post code, it's probably easier to encapsulate it in BBCode code blocks:
paste code here
I don't know whether people can see others' sourcecoder projects, since when I click your link it brings me to the sourcecoder homepage.

3) I'm not sure offering money is a good incentive for people to help. There's not a lot of money to be made programming graphing calculators, so most of us on this forum are probably here because its something we're passionate about. I'll try to help, but payment is really unnecessary.
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