wow this is great! thank yall for putting this together for us! I'll make sure to send this video out to everyone right now to see what they think about it and I'll prepare to demonstrate the rest of the demos along with anything else I need.

Again, I really appreciate all the effort you guys have put into demonstrating how to use ArTICL. This community seems to be very wonderful and I'll be sure to return here again if we have any more questions to be asked.

I'll also ask them later on if they're interested in the shields Razz
Hopefully the shields can be done reasonable if you all decide to go with them. Thankfully they are simple circuits ^^

We hope to do a more advanced video going over the CBL code that is in the LED example you were talking about. It's more complicated but definitely more powerful, seeing as it was designed for data acquisition in the first place! Look up the CBL its pretty cool and essentially what the arduino is emulating. It also hides some of the protocol handling. Like the acks and such in the video. Generally the protocol is not to bad though and is easy to program with ^^
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