Very minimal program, but it gets the job done. Takes in an input of coefficients for an equation in the form of Ax^2+Bxy+Cy^2+Dx+Ey+F=0 and rotates the axes to remove the xy term. Outupt is a series of numbers, these are the coefficients of the new equation in the form of Ax^2+Cy^2+Dx+Ey+F=0.

SourceCoder 3 (CONIC) wrote:
:Prompt A,B,C,D,E,F
:Disp G,H,I,J,F
It should be noted that there are certain cases where the program will think it's dividing by zero. Don't rely on this to do the work, but it's excellent for checking answers.
You can fix the divide-by-zero issue by using the R►Pθ(x,y) command instead of tan-1(y/x).
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