More spawn progress-- lots of stuff getting done in the last few days, and much more that's going to get done these next few days especially!

Our tree centerpiece is making excellent progress toward becoming a finished product, with branch work being mostly complete, and lots of leaves going up on the branches. The original idea was to just coat the entire canopy area with leaves to make a gigantic overarching canopy, but as pyrot3chnic pointed out while we started that process, it would make a ton more sense for the branches to be more leaf-free, and have them 'grow' off the branches. Thank goodness, it looks a ton better (something definitely wasn't feeling right when we were tossing leaves onto everything). The idea is to have tons of 'mini-canopies' on the ends of each branch, which will be dense enough to give the top of the tree an overall bigger canopy made up of these mini-canopies, and it's looking good so far. Screenshots on that when we finish more of the leaves... there's still a handful of branches that need to be covered with leaves, so this is something that may take a couple more days to finish. Here's some screenshots of the tree before we started putting leaves on it:

The interior of the tree is looking pretty nifty, and we settled on a look, thanks to tifreak8x. A very simple, and faithful to real life design we went with for the floor was basically tree rings. It's very fitting, and this seems like what we'll go with for all the floor designs in the tree. The look of the main floor, along with the second floor and stairs in between is pretty much done other than some minor details that may go into it. Here's some pictures of how that's going--

Just the main floor finished:

Second floor:

Finished look of the main floor with the second floor above:

The harbor is another bigger project which has had a ton of progress made on it, pretty much being done at this point other than minor details. The shops are now constructed, and filled with various themes for items that they would sell. Of course, this is decorative more than anything and not intended to be items you'd buy. Also setup a little food corner in the harbor with a few food tents instead of putting another shop, and it adds a bit of color to the area--


Closer look at the line of shops:

The food tents:

And of course, always adding more decorative details in an effort to make spawn look even more awesome. ComicIDIOT would appreciate this:

Hope you enjoyed another update on spawn! Lots more progress will be made through the remainder of this week, potentially getting most of spawn done by the weekend, and another update will be made here.
Man, we rock.
Looks solid to me.
While spawn was being finalized and verified, we got this gem:

CVSoft wrote:
While spawn was being finalized and verified, we got this gem:

You're welcome.
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