I am interested in a standalone ez80 emulator or VM. This forum seems to know most about the ez80 (apart from TI and Zilog themselves) so I wanted to ask if there is any emulator out there?

AFAIK Cemu doesn't count as standalone as it's designed to emulate the CE and it's API isn't general-purpose mostly, though I admit I haven't checked.

EDIT: I started implementing my own one but I underestimated how long it would take, which is why I'm asking this.
You could probably make a custom ROM for CEmu if you wanted to. I'm not sure how you could do input, but you can set up a memory visualizer wherever you wanted for output.
API isn't general-purpose mostly

hahahahahaha.... yes it is. You'll just need the cpu.c, mem.c, registers.c, and port.c and the associated header files. Then you can make a few small modifications to mem.c and port.c to make it work with the design you want.
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