When using the "Text(" command, the popup description has some incorrect. The actual span for text display on the graph screen is (at least on the CSE, and most likely for the 83/84 series as well, is:

Row: 0 to 150 (not "0 to 57")
Column: 0 to 254 (not "0 to 94")

For the row, anything 151+ gives a domain error.

For the column, anything betwen 255 and 263 WORKS, but the character doesnt display. From 264+, you finally get a domain error.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I noticed so far.
That data is correct for the monochrome calculators. It is incorrect for the color calculators. It has been suggested that I update the text to cover both the monochrome and color calculators, and I plan to do so.

Edit: Thanks to various nagging here and there, I worked on this through lunch today; I improved how the catalog data is processed, and I added text distinguishing the information for the color and monochrome calculators. Please let me know if any remaining information remains incorrect or unclear.
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