Isn't the XLIBC image appvar data is one line with 8192 tokens, using each token's hex value as the value of the color on the XLIBC color palette? For example, if the first three pixels are red, white, and blue, it would be:


Output(LinReg(ax+b) *row+(
I think so. That actually just helped me a lot. I have been trying to display a sprite with characters 1-F, which worked in Celtic but was much too slow. I remember seeing an option for assembly code for the sprites, so I am going to go do that.
I think there's a header as well to determine if it's a tilemap or background. That said, I'm not sure why you'd want to do this on-calc, especially since that's almost 9000 tokens and would take up quite a bit of RAM.
I don't have access to a computer.
I changed my mind. I still have no idea how to make a sprite with xLIBC. Well, I kind of do: using TokenIDE, but I couldn't display it for some reason.
I am fully committed to creating a program to create XLIBC Image Appvars even if it kills me. I don't care how long the program has to run. I just want to be able to display sprites. But on the topic of tokens, how do you write 0x00 as a token?
Do you already know how to make image AppVars with Celtic? It is a lot easier. All you have to do is drag your image to Source Coder and choose the correct option. Then it will put it into the hex stuff for you with values 0-F. Maybe for you to make that program you could have the user choose which graph background to use. Then you could choose that background, clear the graph and stuff, get rid of the axes, and make it so only the image is shown. It would take a long time, but you could use some token to get the color of a pixel on the graph screen and go by the column (I am pretty sure that xLIBC sprites are displayed by columns -- ).
soulfighter wrote:
I don't have access to a computer.
Yes I am a very proficient Hybrid BASIC Programmer. I know there is no token for 0x00, but how would they write that in an image appvar?
I finally figured out how to use xLIBC (partially) for images. I displayed a big pic that worked perfectly with real(5,2,0). The post stuff is at Song Lyrics CSE. It is the link in my first post, but I still can't do sprites.
Readroof, have you tried what I suggested you do in your timer program thread about sprites?
Unicorn: I came up with a different idea and have already uploaded the update to the queue. I changed the background text for my name to yellow, and when the timer is paused the green turns red.
No, that may help you learning about how to do the sprites in the future, I suggest you read it as long as you know how to set up a spritesheet and send it to the calc.
I have an idea that sparked from TI Basic Developer. The site claimed if you do this:



(Unlock prgmSPR)
Then the program's contents:


:→mean(LinReg(ax+b) log(

Which are the tokens for those hex values. Then, all I have to do is write that to an Appvar! I'm going to try that!
I don't think that will work because that site is meant for the monochrome TI-84s, not the color edition, and none of the hex codes do what they do on the TI-84 on the CSE too. I have tried with different hex codes.

Edit: I have a question. Where is the user supposed to put the image they want to be an AppVar, and will it be a background, like for BG Pic, or will it be a sprite?
I have confirmed it works. I wrote:



Then I tried:


:Pause Str9

Even though the string doesn't quite correspond the hex values, 0x01 is ►DMS and 0x05 is BoxPlot.

On a second note, the program is a sprite drawer and stores 128 sprites in a source program. Then there is the option to convert it to an appvar.
Sounds cool!

A quick note that the appvar does have the string "xLIBPIC" at the start for ID purposes - so ensure that you add that to the appvar as well and xLIB should be happy Smile.
tr1p1ea said:

A quick note that the appvar does have the string "xLIBPIC" at the start for ID purposes - so ensure that you add that to the appvar as well and xLIB should be happy Smile.

You mean as one line:





It should be as 1 line as the whole file is just a stream of data.
Very true... I should've known that. So is it different than, say a BGPic? I might add that functionality. By the way, the post on this project is here
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