This is dubstep mix I'm making for fun. The current tracklist, if I recall correctly, is:

Zomboy: Resurrected/Skrillex: Scary Bolly Dub
Zomboy: Outbreak
deMix: ID
Flux Pavilion: Mountains and Molehills

Any suggestions, comments, or tips?

The final version will go on Twitter and SoundCloud, and it'll be an hour long. I'll put more progress here on Cemetech first.
DKS: Round Two
Flux Pavilion: Bass Cannon (a classic)
Knife Party: Fire Hive
Zepfire: Monster Dubstep
Zomboy: Organ Donor
Rudebrat: Changing the Game (this one is really good)
Bassnectar: Bass Head
Zeds Dead: In the Beginning
Pegboard Nerds: Hero
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