robotfindskitten is now available for the TI-84 Plus CE. It's a straight port of the CSE version, and uses the same appvar format for NKIs. Currently, it doesn't support custom-named NKI lists; your NKI file must have the name RFKDATA. So go, spend the summer relaxing with a Zen simulation on your shiny, new, considerably faster calculator.

Does anybody think I should embed the NKI list into the executable, or keep them separate?

RobotFindsKitten CE
Nice work DrDnar! Your commenting skills make me jealous. Smile Is there a reason why support for custom lists wouldn't work? Great job though; keep it up!
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Is there a reason why support for custom lists wouldn't work?

Custom lists work fine, if you name them RFKDATA. The code that excepts them via a custom name accepts the name through the Ans var. Apparently, you already found _Get_Tok_Strng and _IsA2ByteTok, so the actual conversion routine can be ported. The _AnsName call would be nice, though I guess I can just store it as data.

If you're curious, the code from the CSE version is:

   ; Convert Ans into string in OP1+1
   rst   10h   ; rFINDSYM
   jr   c, defaultName
   ld   a, (hl)
   cp   StrngObj
   jr   nz, defaultName
   ex   de, hl
   ld   a, (hl)
   inc   hl
   or   a
   jr   z, defaultName
   cp   16
   jr   nc, defaultName
   ld   b, a
   ld   a, (hl)
   inc   hl
   or   a
   jr   nz, defaultName
   ld   de, OP1+1
_:   push   de
   push   bc
   push   hl
   pop   hl
   ld   a, c
   cp   1
   jr   nz, errorTwoPops
   ld   a, (hl)
   jr   nz, +_
   inc   hl
_:   inc   hl
   pop   bc
   pop   de
   ld   a, (OP3)
;   b_call(_PutC)
   ld   (de), a
   inc   de
   djnz   --_
   ; OK, we've detokenized the name, now check if there's data.
   ld   a, AppVarObj
   ld   (OP1), a
   call   VerifyDataFile
   jr   z, defaultName
   jr   found   
   pop   af
   pop   af
   ld   hl, rfkDataName
   call   VerifyDataFile
   jr   nz, found
Well, _AnsName is really just this:

 call _ZeroOP1
 ld a,072h
 ld (OP1+1),a

But if you would like the call; here you are:

_AnsName equ 020FF4h
Thanks. I've updated the program to support custom-named NKI lists.
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