Heey, I'm newbie in ASM and want to learn it. Now I find a code that displays 3 sentencens, a kind of pause and then return. What should I add, so that the Done-message is not at the first line but (in this case) at the 4th?
This is a result of MathPrint not being compatible with text output from programs, which always falls back to the classic method. I don't believe anyone currently knows of a way to print text in a MathPrint-aware fashion, so this is effectively unavoidable.

Although this doesn't solve the problem of MathPrint being unaware of the text and happily overwriting it with other things, if you're interested, you can at least suppress the "Done" output with res donePrgm,(iy+doneFlags).
What I probably can do, is setting the calculator in Classic-mode, and when return, again in MathPrint. Would that help, and if yes, how should I do that? I read something about tClassic or whatever..

EDIT: solved! Smile simply adding

set 5,(iy+44h)
at the beginning of the program and end with
res 5,(iy+44h)
and voilĂ 
why not just chuck the done message all together?
You could also check (bit 5,(iy+44h)) the value to check if MathPrint is set, if it isn't set when the program is run then your code will turn it on when it exits. Another option would be to save the entire (iy+44h) byte somewhere during the execution of your program and restore it when you exit.

Though really, anymore everyone uses shells these days so it's not that big of a deal. When it is run from the homescreen, you can also just add a _GetKey bcall to pause before exiting.
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