I got bored one day, and made a program that lets you draw on an isometric grid. I'll post it pretty soon. I'm thinking it would work on a CSE; will test tomorrow with results... if I get on.
Sounds nice! Will you post any screenshots?
Still there? How's this going?
Sorry for the wait!!! Anywho, not much has changed, but here's a screenshot!

This is pretty cool, is there any download links?
No, not yet; I'm still making sure the code is optimised.
Looks awesome! Are you able to explain your method?
Thank you!
Well, this is rather simple, really. All this does is store the pointer's coordinates when you press [X,T,O,n], then when you press it again, it draws a line. [2nd], [del], [MATH], and [prgm] control the pointer's direction (which I'm probably going to change), and using [ALPHA] instead of [XTOn] erases the line (which bugs up sometimes... ). [CLEAR] erases everything, and [Y=] exits the program. And, if you need to make a quick calculation, [GRAPH] returns you to the homescreen and allows you to do one math problem (by using Input "", x and disp x).

So, yeah. I just want to change around the controls and figure out the Alpha glitch, but it's almost ready to be released to the world! ...and by world I mean Cemetech community!
How fast is map rendering so far?
Oh, so it's not actually 3d-- if I understand correctly, the cursor just moves on/is locked to the grid, and it's up to you to draw the lines? Sounds good, can't wait till you get everything fixed up to release!

Why did you include the 'quick calculation thing', though? I don't see a reason for it.
@DJ_O: I'm not 100% sure what you mean by map rendering, but if you mean how quickly it takes to take to draw the screen, it's about three seconds on an 83+, so maybe 2 on the 84.

@M.I.Wright: That's right, I don't have the experience yet to create a 3D engine! Razz The 'quick calculation thing' is just in case you're in math class and need to find an answer or something so you don't have to quit the program and lose your drawing. And that makes me think I should have an option to save & load pictures... So maybe I'll make this Hybrid-BASIC.
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