How can I access the entries list (I'm not really sure what it's called, but the list of entries accessed by 2nd + [ENTRY]) in z80 asm on my TI-84 plus SE? I'm guessing all I need to know is where it's stored, and how it's formatted.
I can't find a citation offhand, but I believe the history is stored in a variable named '!'- I don't know what format it has. Best way to figure this out is probably to inspect the VAT in a debugger.
The entry stack begins at the address lastEntryStk (8DA9h). The latest entry is not stored on the stack, it is in the program '#'. The address numLastEntries (8E29h) stores the number of entries on the stack. If this number is zero, check if the '#' program exists. If it does not exist, there are no entries. For convenience the address lastEntryPTR (8DA7h) stores the next available address that an entry can be allocated to.

The entry stack is a stack of strings, where the first 2 bytes are the length of the string, followed by the string. 2nd from last entry is first in this stack. The program '#' has the same format.

If you don't care about user friendliness, you can use lastEntryStk for your own RAM purposes. Just be sure to reset numLastEntries whenever you feel like it.
Okay got it, thanks.

Do you know how large this area of ram is, or how many entries it saves?
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