What better way to bring on the new year, and enter into February, then by bringing you all the news of projects old and new for the new year! Very Happy
  • TILP: Lionel Debrouxl has posted up updates that have come to TILP, taking out a few bugs, adding some fixes, and more! Take a look at the topic to get a more in depth view of the list of changes.

  • Koch Curve Fractal: MasterChief56 has taken the time to bring this interesting fractal setup to the TI-84+CSE in TI-BASIC. There's a larger description on what the fractal is and more information on how it is calculated, so make sure to check out the topic for more information.

  • Image Compression: Unknownloner has brought us an interesting converter to allow for jpegs to be converted over to the CSE graphing calculators with varying degrees of quality. He shows off a few screenshots and what amount of memory it takes up, so take a look if you've wanted to put up some cool pics to your calculator, especially if you're an assembly programmer looking to use large images in your programs.

  • z80 CPU Derived Clock: This project utilizes DrDnar's speed test program to determine the speed of the calculator's processor on the monochrome models. Check this out if you need a way to verify your program is running consistently across various models of calculators!

  • Solitaire: Klondike and Freecell: DrDnar has killed off a bug that was found, in where if you were to exit the game utilizing certain buttons, it wouldn't remove that data from the program and it would exit immediately. Make sure you get updated to the latest version so this isn't a problem for you as well!

  • Caticle Chronicles: Supposed to be additions to the Cemetech Contest #13 project, Cat Nipper by Unicorn. Take a look at this topic to see the prequel and sequel that is in development.

  • Flatforme: This is an interesting project by 123outerme, where you have to jump to various platforms get the thing to let you get to the next level. A lot of work has been put into this project, which you can see by checking out the screenshots in the topic. Bounce in and give him some ideas for this fantastic project.

  • FunkLibrary/Sublime Text z80 package: A handy tool by NanoWar for z80 programmers who use Sublime 2/3. It contains numerous macros and syntax highlighting, which is always a plus for any programmer.

  • Wizards: Wizards is a long-running project by NanoWar, started some 10 years ago! He's posted up a few shots of the progression the game has made over the years, along with a download link and posted up some instruction on how to play this card game. Give it a shot, and let him know what you think.

  • Two Step: Two Step is a puzzle game in development by Muessigb, where you get only two moves to solve a series of puzzles. He has a lot of fascinating features listed in his topic, so go check it out.

  • GLib: GLib is a 3D engine system developed in Axiom to assist programmers in writing 3D programs on the 83+/84+ calculators. He shows off the capabilities of the library in a screenshot, and I have to say it looks pretty fantastic!

  • Axagon: As covered in last month's POTM article, this game is a port from an online flash game called Hexagon. matrefeytontias has brought us a final release, showing off the latest improvements to the game and a download link, if you're interested in grabbing the game!

  • [e]Z80 Disassembler: DrDnar decided to put a day to good use and created this disassembler that works with both Z80 and eZ80 platforms! This will no doubt become a very useful tool for those wanting to know more about the upcoming TI-84+CE!

  • SPASM: calc84maniac forked a forked version of SPASM to add in eZ80 support! This is an amazing thing, having the tools necessary to work with a calculator that has not even been released yet.

  • Alien Breed 5 Ep II: JamesV has been hard at work on his Alien Breed game, adding all sorts of new features and functions to his game. He's added little and big things to the game, all listed in the topic with screenshots to boot!

  • Portal Nspire: ldstudios has been hard at work on this project, revamping certain aspects of the game and adding a ton more to it with new objects. His enthusiasm for its development is flagging, so if you have Lua experience or simply encouragement to offer, please post in his topic.

  • Portal CSE: MateoConLechuga has been quite busy and active with his Portal version. There has been so much added to the game, there are literately pages of updates, suggestions and more. Go check it out and prep yourself for a bit of fun filled reading!

  • Lisp on 83+/84+: Hooloovoo has taken up the task of bringing Lisp to the 83+ line of calculators, using code from around 30 years ago for z80 based machines. If you love Lisp, this could be the project you have always wanted on your graphing calculator.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Part II: Kerm released the second part of the STEM Behind Hollywood series of Nspire projects for the CSE line of calculators. It covers various aspects of a 'what if' scenario on a zombie outbreak and how a cure to the virus might be deduced.

  • Body of Evidence: Following Zombie Apocalypse Part II, Kerm quickly pumped out this STEM item, which covers how to identify a decomposing body by using various techniques and fields of study to accomplish the task.

As always, I apologize if your project didn't make it up here; as you can see there were quite a few to look through and to post about. I look forward to seeing all the projects that you cool people will bring us next month!
Thanks again for the recap, tifreak! I somehow missed the TILP update...
I'm glad this helped you catch updates! Very Happy Means what I'm doing is working Very Happy
I missed a few of these entirely, and I hadn't delved deeply enough into others to know what they were about, so this installment of Projects of the Month was definitely a valuable one for me. Kudos once more to tifreak for his conscientiousness in putting this together, even in the face of a busy Minecrafting schedule. Wink
Minecraft provided me a new place to hide; Pokemon has become a little boring lately, need to take a break. And other issues.

Anyways, glad you gents enjoy, helps me motivate on-wards with more POTM posts in the future Very Happy
I must say that I'm more than a little surprised that my Caticle project made this list. I mean I haven't been posting updates on the forum post. Smile
Unicorn, you showed progress on those projects, and I felt they were worthy of mention, as you are doing a pretty good job with what you had showed off. You should definitely update that topic, though, if you have updates that need adding. Very Happy
So many projects! Fantastic to see the community so active Smile.
Yeah, I have been a lot more active on my codewalrus topic. I'll try to be more active though!
Thanks for the mention, tifreak! Good job on the list.
Nice list (as always I'd say). But, regarding GLib, what is that "Axiom" language you talk about ? Razz An axiom is a library written in ASM that adds functions to the Axe language, and that's precisely what GLib is.
Thanks for the update (and mention), tifreak! Great work and the community is buzzing along Smile
Thanks tifreak! Smile Looks like quite a few projects been a-happening! Smile
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