A few days later than promised, I'm revealing the topic of my almost-complete game.

This game will be a clone of Slender: The Eight Pages, featuring 4-level interrupt-based greyscale, and all the static effects you know and love. The game will be rendered in 3D. Granted I won't be able to emulate the creepy music, but I'm sure the game will be fun, if not scary.

Project Page: http://clrhome.org/slender

If this game is well-received, I will clone the rest of the Slender series as well.
Dang that looks sick! Also that page is terrifying o.o
I am curious about how it will look like and the rendering speed. Do you have any screenshots so far? It would be very nice to see this game on calc.
No screenshots yet. I used a dummy sprite/map set to test the tile mapper, but that's one of the few things left. Making sprites and a tile map, and a few small things with checking if he's in your view or just near you. One that is done, I'll have a beta out. Once that works/kinda works, then I'll work on

1. A flashlight effect
2. Increasing the page collect range (right now it will only pick up if you're right on the page. I'd like it to work if you're like 1 or 2 away). Same with Slender catching you. Right now, death only triggers if he's on top of you.

PS: thanks to sorunome and Iambian. Sorunome helped me get the interrupt greyscale figured out, and Iambian helped me understand how to do the static, and slightly modified the greyscale so I could fit it in there.
Hah sweet! That project page certainly has the right effect, nice and creepy Wink
Well, with the exception of a dithered mask for the flashlight, the game's coding is done. Now, just have the map and sprites to do.

PS: Individual segments that I could test have been verified to work. Whether the whole game will function as expected on first compile remains to be seen.

Slender's sprite is done, now gonna try the page and a tree. Just a warning, I am GOD AWFUL at pixel art, so if anyone can make the sprites look prettier, please do so. Just remember, 4-level grey, and as though viewed at night.

A teaser: sprite of Slender

A teaser: sprite of a Page

To contribute sprites, upload them to https://www.omnimaga.org/art/sprite-fine-tuning-(slender)/msg399423/, or post a link to the image here.

With help from Zeda, the scaled sprite routine I downloaded from Badja has been modified to AND the mask and XOR the sprite in one pass, instead of the 3-passes I was looking at before.

Now, coding-wise I am left with a by-distance sorter for POV rendering (as of now, it simply renders in the order they occur in the map). After that, have 2 more sprites and the map to make. Here are the sprites that I've made.

Moar sprites!!!




Now I just have the car and an oil tanker left to go. But please, someone help with that tree (it should be a tree viewed at night). If someone can make it look better, please do. So far, I'm happy with the others.

On another note, upon completion, if anyone is willing to fork this project into a version for the color TI's, they are welcome to do so. That also applies to any clones I may make for the rest of the Slender series. Simply PM me and I'll discuss git access to the source code.
Here's the code to get flashlight working on your project page.
Just replace the whole javascript code that loads your music with that:

This is how it would look then:
Added it and it didn't work in Safari on OS X. Isn't it missing this:

 bg   = "radial-gradient(" + x + "px " + y + "px 45deg, circle, " + lightColor + " 0%, " + originalBG + " " + gradientSize + "px)";


 .css({ background: bg });

Yes. Try adding it as the last item
Eh, that still didn't work. Here is the entirety of my Javascript code for that page:

<script type="text/javascript">   
$(document).ready(function() {
   $(".title").hover(function() {
      $(this).css("font-size","140%"); }
   , function() {
   dontpropogate=function() {
      switch ($label) {
         case 1:
         $contents = '<span style="font-weight:bold; font-size:50px; font-style:italic; font-family:\'Open Sans Condensed\';">The Eight Pages<\/span><hr style="width:40%;" \/><p>Based on the game by Mark J. Hadley, you start off in a dark wood at night, armed with only a flashlight. You must try to collect all eight pages, while being pursued by the Slenderman. Can you get them all before he catches you? Download and play to find out.<\/p><p>This game works on the TI-83+, TI-84+ and their respective Silver Editions. It may also work on the TI-84+ emulator on the TI-Nspire. It has not been tested on any other model.<\/p><hr style="width:40%;" \/>Download: <a href="downloads/slender8pages.zip" target="_blank" style="color:inherit; text-decoration:none; font-style:italic;">Slender: The Eight Pages, TI Edition<\/a>';
   removepage=function() {
var audiotypes={
        "mp3": "audio/mpeg",
        "mp4": "audio/mp4",
        "ogg": "audio/ogg",
        "wav": "audio/wav"

function ss_soundbits(sound){
        var audio_element = document.createElement('audio')
        if (audio_element.canPlayType){
            for (var i=0; i<arguments.length; i++){
                var source_element = document.createElement('source')
                source_element.setAttribute('src', arguments[i])
                if (arguments[i].match(/\.(\w+)$/i))
                    source_element.setAttribute('type', audiotypes[RegExp.$1])
            return audio_element
var pageSound  = ss_soundbits("paper-rustle.mp3");

var originalBG = '',
    lightColor = 'fff',
    gradientSize = 5;
    originalBG = $("body").css("background");
var handleMouseMove = function(e) {
    x  = e.pageX - this.offsetLeft;
    y  = e.pageY - this.offsetTop;
    xy = x + " " + y;
    bgWebKit = "-webkit-gradient(radial, " + xy + ", 0, " + xy + ", 100, from(rgba(255,255,255,0.8)), to(rgba(255,255,255,0.0))), " + originalBG;
    bgMoz    = "-moz-radial-gradient(" + x + "px " + y + "px 45deg, circle, " + lightColor + " 0%, " + originalBG + " " + gradientSize + "px)";
     bg   = "radial-gradient(" + x + "px " + y + "px 45deg, circle, " + lightColor + " 0%, " + originalBG + " " + gradientSize + "px)";
      .css({ background: bgWebKit })
      .css({ background: bgMoz })
   .css({ background: bg });;
var handleMouseLeave = function() {
        $(this).css({ background: originalBG });
Depending on your Safari version, you may need -webkit-radial-gradient. What specific version is having issues with the CSS?
Version is 8.0.3. Added this line:


 bgWebKit2 = "-webkit-radial-gradient(" + xy + ", 0, " + xy + ", 100, from(rgba(255,255,255,0.8)), to(rgba(255,255,255,0.0))), " + originalBG;


.css({ background: bgWebKit2 })

Still no effect.
Please consider using a more high resolution logo.
Like this one:
Done and updated! Also, anyone with a Twitter, wishing to bump my permission request to Blue Isle Studios, go for it. Im @ACagliano, and you should see it under my outgoing tweets.

Also, if anyone is interested in recording themselves (with or without face cam) playing The Eight Pages PC version and sending me the video so I can embed it in the page. Or I could use pewdiepie or markiplier's series.
ACagliano wrote:
Also, if anyone is interested in recording themselves (with or without face cam) playing The Eight Pages PC version and sending me the video so I can embed it in the page. Or I could use pewdiepie or markiplier's series.

Well, there's no reason why you can't.
Any chance we get a screenshot of the game ?
Imagine this on a TI-Presenter!
The website is looking great now!
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