There should be a page where people who aren't members of WikiTi and don't want to go through the trouble of requesting an account can notify people who do have WikiTi accounts about problems relating to the wiki; e.g, misspellings/grammars, broken links, &c.

It could be this page, or if someone with more authority such as Kerm or BrandonW wishes, that person could start the topic so it can be better seen.

For example, has a broken link at the bottom of the page:;topic=1463.0;attach=3502
Fixed as mentioned on IRC. Also other opinions on this. IMO contributor should make accounts regradless but thats me
WikiTI, as with any other MediaWiki installation, is the frequent target of bots -- unfortunately I can't let changes without a valid account happen, or the spam will get out of control (again).

My recommendation is to just create an account, but if you guys want to maintain some sort of list of change requests off-site (such as on this forum), by all means.
Having a topic like this for general comments and discussion about WikiTI sounds like a great idea to me, even when people do have accounts, actually. Although the articles have Talk pages, if people aren't frequently checking the list of new edits or watching the pages in question, it might not be obvious that there are issues that need discussion and resolution. Smile
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