I need some help programming the following
-Axe Parser vs. Doors CS7 Hybrid Basic
-World Generation
BASIC: (My code is sloppy)


://Doors CS7 GUI

I don't know how to do it in axe. yunhua98's example doesn't work in this case
-Drawing tilemaps
-External variables
What kind of code help do you need? Your code looks reasonable enough to me, but your requirements sound quite vague. What have you tried so far? What has worked, what has not?
I have tried that basic code, but I really want help to do it in axe. So far, I made a Doors CS7 GUI menu, but I need help with the world generation. The algorithm that they provided in omnimaga had a "definite" map, meaning it doesn't change each initialization of the game. Like this:


[Map Data]->GDB1
[Map Data]
[Map Data]
.draw tile map

And the matrices aren't enough for at least a decent world.
So, practically, I need help with everything.
Alright, I'm assuming the map data will have to be loaded externally if it is changing every time, just have the data located in a appvar and then overwrite that data with the new map when the user exits out of the program.
I haven't worked with appvars at all, but Im sure you can find the code you are looking for pretty easily.
Here's a tutorial about external variables in Axe. In covers appvars among other things.
I understand external vars already. But, what I really need help is with placing blocks such as ores. I thought of using:



but it seems it will take a lot of code that could probably cleaned up.
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