I thought a cool and useful part would be to have a Testing/Debug mode, where it runs through the program, but shows what it does for each line.

So if there was If statement it would show whether its true or false, if there is a -> or input/prompt then it shows what the variable is now, so if A/X->E, it shows what E is now.

It could possibly highlight which line it is currently on and have a pause or go line by line so that it is easy to see what went wrong of course it would still show the calculator screen and have the ability to input.

This would be really useful for something like a math program to see why outputs are incorrect or why it doesnt end up where you want it to go.


20->A A=20
A/5->E E=4
If E=4 True
If A=8 False
Goto A Went to Lbl A
Lbl A (Would be highlighted to show it is currently here)
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