Yeah, so, what's next with Tokens? Smile

*attempt at getting this going again*
On my wishlist for it is a completed Doors CS GUI editor (the current one is incomplete, right?) plus new GUI editing features for Doors CS 8, should that prove feasible. Everything else seems pretty polished to me for now.
KermMartian wrote:
On my wishlist for it is a completed Doors CS GUI editor (the current one is incomplete, right?) plus new GUI editing features for Doors CS 8, should that prove feasible. Everything else seems pretty polished to me for now.
Well it is incomplete in the fact that it lacks Linux support, but I don't know of any missing features beyond that.
I'd still like to see support for all the calculators. The project set up would be nice, so I can click on one thing and it brings up all the files.
Oh, since I've opened up the SourceCoder API and will be expanding it even further sooner, I'd love to see some sharing of projects between SC2 and Tokens. I know that Shaun had asked me for that API back in the day, so hopefully it is still useful to him. Smile
The biggest feature I want to get working is the projects. However, I over-engineered it a bit, so I'm basically starting over. I'll start out with a very basic infrastructure and add more as I need it, rather than try to cover all corner-cases. There are also some various bug-fixes I want to get in there. Once those things are done, that'll be a 1.0 release. From there it's improving the DCS GUI editor, adding more file-type support, and finally more calculator support. Along the way I'd also like to learn Axe and Grammer so I can provide tools to facilitate development in those areas, since that seems to be the direction we're headed.

I also want to add some tools (either within tokens or as a stand-alone tool) to facilitate editing the Tokens files; the XML can be kind of a bear to comb through. I also want to move some config into an ini file (such as fonts etc.).

Also also, some sort of integration with SC is indeed something I would like to implement.
There is a somewhat annoying bug where one has to compile the file to 8xp or 8xv BEFORE saving the file as a .txt.

Otherwise, the file will not write to the directory at all.

Windows 7 64 bit
Alright, I've made a small update:
- Fixed saving error where it wouldn't save if it was a new file
- Fixed error where if you had a preprocesser directive that was shorter than the replace string it would crash (now it just highlights the line incorrectly Smile )
- Moved some settings to INI file: Font and default tokens file.
- Grammer XML file included in download

Download at the normal place:
I have another update:
- Fixed bug where shift+backspace did not backspace
- Added options dialog to set default tokens file when starting, and to set font:

Options dialog (under tools):

After you choose a new font:

Hitting save:

It also saves the INI file so that this persists across instances.

Download the the normal place:

It would be cool if one could directly send an open program to WabbitEmu (like SC2 can do)

Could I try to add on to the Axe program xml file?
It would be greatly appreciated if you did! As for sending a program straight to WabbitEmu, that would, indeed, be quite useful. I'll look into that Smile
Feature hopefully to be added:

Is it possible to add a dropdown list button thing that will let you change the source code type (like Ti-BASIC, Grammer, Axe) so that the right xml file is loaded?
That would be useful, for it to check in the directory for valid xml files when it loads up, but that seems pretty low priority since you can just go to file and hit Change Token File.
Updated AxeTokens.xml file:

edit by comic: changed [link] to [url]. GinDiamond, you can click the buttons between the post subject and the post message to add proper BBCode to your posts. You can click on "Post Reply" to get to the proper page since "Quick Reply" doesn't have those.
With your permission, GinDiamond, I might want to process that AxeTokens.xml file into something I could use as well. Shaun, these are extremely spiffy-looking updates. Keep up the good work.
Sure KermM!

What do you mean by "process"? Put it into a different file format?

***Feature request

Greyscale support for the pic/sprite editors!
It took a fair amount of time, but here's my hopefully complete and correct AxeTokens.xml:

Here's what it looks like, you can see a bit of syntax highlighting, #Axiom and inData(, and perhaps most importantly, the full catalog of Axe commands on the left:

And here's a list of every bug report/feature request I compiled while making it:
    ▪The second expr( token at 5DF5 should not be included in the xml files
    ▪Tokens could have multiple groups
    ▪Closing parentheses, braces, and brackets could match the style of their matched opener
    ▪Auto-indenting as an option, and some way to make statements like Else indent properly
    ▪Alt strings do not work if the token has a child token, and giving the child token an alt string throws an ambiguity error
    ▪Do not open assembly programs (they start with BB 6D)
    ▪Put site tag hyperlinks in the group/token information pane
And I almost forgot:
    ▪Prettifying of code as you type!
Thank you so much for this, Runer, it's great! I've included it in the download as well as addressed a couple of your suggestion:
- Removed the [expr(]
- Fixed alt-strings, I hope
- Prompts if you try to open an ASM program
- Site tab hyperlink in group pane, as well as a tooltip:

- Added commentString and directiveString to XML definition, defaults to "//" and "#", respectively. In AxeTokens.xml I set it to "//" and "@".

Download at the place:
Merth, could you possibly add that "token grouping" thing you had, where the tokens were underlined? That was very helpful.

Oh, and I can't click on "Options" to change the token file. I have to use the .ini file to do that.

Windows 7 64 bit
Do you mean that when you go through options it doesn't save the INI? Keep in mind that it won't load up that tokens file when you change it through there. If you want it to change for the currently open document, you have to go to File -> Change Token File.
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