Understatement of the day.
jpez wrote:
Watch out for unnecessarily large/long intro screens -- they can be giant memory hogs.

Yah thats true, thats one thing I was concerned about when I started working on better intro screens. Its almost like the cinematography tip, dont make your credits longer than the animation. Dont make the intro screen more memory consuming than the game itself.
Mine won't have huge animations or anything, something simle to entertain... Smile
tifreak8x wrote:
I am sure he wouldn't have a problem with it. He is an extremely nice guy after all...
Perhaps he would visit here then?
yes yes, we need people like him around here Smile . The forums would like him and would be more than happy to accept him, At least I would Laughing .
He does show up everyonce in a while... Smile He lives in Germany though, so he isn't on when we are...
Oh, ok. Tell him to post up more stuff then, he looks quite talented! Smile
Talented inteed. If there is some one we need its talented. This site is full of 'em! Very Happy And we need more, lets overflow it Laughing .
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