Many people have been asking us what Halo will look like on the Ti83, So we decided to post some screenshots of it in it's developmental stage. It will use the Doorways 3D rendering engine to produce the most stunning visuals ever seen on a Ti83. Take a look!

Yup, I've been helping them with the engine a bit. We're thinking of moving to an ASM engine; right now we're using Xlib.
Those are all actual screenshots from the game.
I can't see any pictures.
Right click on the images, copy the image location, then load the url in a new tab to see them. They won't show up on the page for some reason...
Those look pretty cool. Never played Halo before, but I hear it's loads of fun.
now, will this version have ANYTHING to do with Halo? Cuz we all know what happened to the last one Razz
If only those were screenshots for an actual calc game...
I'm not trying to ruin your presitigious reputation, but why were those pics posted four years ago? Has no progress been made? If you don't believe me check out this page.
There is really something suspicious here. I am not sure about anyone else but this is really gettin wierd. and why did Kerm change the banner to Hays Games? Did'nt hays games join cemetech? If so then it should still be cemetech banner.

Cameron, can you post up some betas for us to test?
Hays Games is a much more prestigious and well known name than puny little cemetech. I think we should rejoice in the publicity and hype this will bring to our forum and community. Finally, we are part of a decent, honest company.
Cemetech is not honest?
Of course not! What with Kerm stealing Doors from Hays Games. Originally Doors was a Hays Games Creation called DoorwaysNT and ASM X. Thankfully, it apears that Hays has forgiven Kerm for his past mistakes and I look forward to years of friendship with these considerate people.

psst. Swivel Play along!
I am actually cooling down about all this. I cant wait untill the halo game cimes out. Can we do some BETA testing? I cant wait till its done!
Swivel, did you really not realize this was an April Fools joke??? Shock
How did you get the screen shots? Just a shrunk down black and white Halo PC screenshot?
I was going to, then I saw that FrydSoft had done something like this in the past, so I used his. Smile
Oh, awesome.
So anyway, all traces of the joke except the article and topics are out. I'm going to update the frontpage article to indicate the jokeness of it.
Shock Heehee, uh, well, un ah, hee ooo ahhh, eh hee ha. Shock
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