swivelgames wrote:
I have no idea what I just said, I just started talking, lolz.
Looks like someone is contributing to the fall of "lol" Razz

I agree Kllrnohj. Most n00b TI BASIC programmers are, well, stupid. They come in asking help with general statements like how do I make a game? They think that it's a joke. That's why a feel there's a lot of animosity. The old programmers feel hurt when the n00bs come in and want the language made easy for them.
swivelgames wrote:
its that n00bs are always trying to find the easist way, there, well, lazy.
That pretty much sums up the entire topic. Beginners should be able to find help by themselves. I never read a single tutorial either Kllrnhoj, and I find that people who demand better tutorials are too lazy to learn the language themselves, too lazy to experiment and learn for themselves. It's the new generation of instant gratification, and I for one will not stand for it! Mad That said if a n00b asks an intelligent question, and has spent time trying to figure it out for themselves, than I feel we should feel obliged to answer.

After all people, it's called TI BASIC for a reason. If you can't understand this language by yourself, don't bother!
hey, know Tutorials are not a bad thing. I never read one to get started in the language, but read the BASIC Elite Guide and helped move me to where I am. I have looked a tutorials trying to pick up on some of the finer points of the language
Don't forget the manual. That's an excellent place lo get started without the language, although I didn't find out about that until after I had taught myself the language through trial and error. Laughing
KermMartian wrote:
All respect to everyone, but I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have perhaps a central place to link to relevant tutorials, though perhaps not a single set of tutorials because as Kllrnohj said that could cause all kinds of problems.

Isn't that what tifreak has set up? Ticalc.org also has a set of tutorials in one section. Something every n00b should know is that a search engine will be your best friend. TI BASIC has been figured out in preety much all aspects. If you search for your answers, you are likely to find them.
So many questions in school are asked of me to which I simply reply, "JFGI" Smile
Jack Frost got impeached? But really what does it stand for?
something1990 wrote:
Jack Frost got impeached? But really what does it stand for?

My guess is "Just Fucking Google It"

I personally love RTFM ("Read The Fucking Manual")
LOL I guess everyone thinks Kerm has all the answers. I sometimes feel like saying something similiar to kids at school, when they ask questions about Alg 2 or Chemistry. It's always the same kids too. It gets really annoying.
Kllrnohj: Indeed. And I'm fond of that second one as well. Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:
Kllrnohj: Indeed. And I'm fond of that second one as well. Very Happy

There is a character in the game F.E.A.R. who has a belt buckle that reads RTFM...hehe....
The fact that you noticed that... Very Happy You (and of course me I guess) need help...
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