As some know, I ride a motorcycle around to deliver newspapers. I ride a 2008 Yamaha XT250 Enduro, which means it is an off-road/on-road motorcycle.

Yamaha's design for the rear turn signals are plastic cases at the end of a rubber 'stud'. Problem with this setup is, during the winter, it likes to break, and you have to shell out money to replace the unit.

So, today, after finally getting all the pieces together, I changed the turn signal setup.

This is what things looked like before my modification. I've had no left turn signal for the last 3 months, or so. Before that, it was just dangling by the wires, and generally just looked bad.

I used LED side marker lights in place of the old lights. They flash quickly, now, because the fronts still use standard bulbs, guessing it's due to a resistance issue? Might be the fact they take less power for LEDs, no idea. But it looks good, imo, and they work, and that's what's important! Smile

The final setup, without the old turn signal units, and completely wired in.
Yes it looks good. You will have to introduce a "synthetic" load to increase the resistance of the circuit. I have a Yamaha Fazer and it's possibly an electronic flash unit but yours could be bi-metallic strip which would account for the increase flash rate.

I have never has a problem the the flexi-mounting breaking in the winter but in my locale, the winter temperature rarely dip below 7 deg Celcius so the rubber won't be as brittle. However clumsy motorists love to hit them during parking antics.
I'm just hoping that if I can replace the front bulbs with an LED equivalent, it will fix the issue. If not, yeah, I'll have to get some form of resistor or something to put inline. Regardless, it's really, really bright, and should be easily noticeable.

And yeah, clumsy isn't the word I would use :p Lots of bad drivers out there.
I remember now that I am sure I looked at replacement LED indicators supplied online. These had an integral load along with the LED to balance out the circuit. However I appreciate you are doing a home-modification so I am sure you could create something cheaper and just as effective.
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