Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening
Presenting the re-write of DJ Omnimagas popular game...Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening!
After a few weeks of programming and 9+ months of hiatus it is finally done! It is written in Axe and compiled as a flash app.

Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening Axe Remake

Old Post:
Here I present you the public beta of my latest project: Re-writing DJ Omnimaga's RPG "Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening" in Axe!
The game can be played through all the way.

Ok, because of lazyness, copypasta of the readme:

Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening

To install this game you
must send all the appVars
and the app to your calc.
It is recommended to place
the appVars into archive.
The game requires at least
4800 bytes of free RAM to

Arrow keys: Move
2nd: Interact
ALPHA: Items and Stats
MODE: Graphic Settings

The first time you run it
you will be be asked to
adjust your grayscale set-
tings as they may vary
from calc to calc. After
that you should set your
delay which also depends
on the calc running it, it
defaults to values which
should be pretty close, if
not the actual correct

Programming: Sorunome
Graphics: Art_of_camelot
Story&Maps: DJ Omnimaga

Thanks to Runer112 for
making Axe!

Thanks to everybody who
supported me throughout
the development of this

We have a website!

Also, here is an (outdated) screenshot (which still pretty well shows this game):

And let's go bug hunting Wink
This looks really cool! It's cool to see some of the classics getting some love. Now you should redo his Zelda game Smile
Sorry, but I can't see that happening soon, as there is still Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror and making ev awakening took, including a 9 month pause, over a year to make Razz
I picked it up three weeks ago and I had the moving engine almost completely done and the calculations for the battle engine. Story, maps, animations and all that stuff was made in those three weeks Smile
I wish they had Axe for the CSE... Razz
That looks absolutely incredible! This is Axe, you say? I am very impressed! Keep up the great work!
Fun fact: This version of Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening is 35376 bytes on-calc. The original, if we include the Omnicalc app, was over 100 kilobytes large and in order to run, it required almost as much RAM as Gemini 3D.

This was because the original used Omnicalc to generate grayscale (using sprite(0,0,0,96,62,0,0 commands after almost every TI-BASIC line of code to XOR the checkerboards fast enough to generate grayscale on 15 MHz calcs). In addition to that, maps were generated using xLIB (before it became an APP), which used matrices and could only draw tiles from Pic0. Also, Flash Gordon was not very reliable for RAM management compared to real(10 in xLIB.

Had the original been written half a year later, it would probably be several dozens of KB smaller and run twice as fast. It would be nowhere as smooth nor small as this remake, though.
This is really cool, Sorunome! Like Merth said, it's great to see old classics getting attention again, and in this case, an overhaul.
Here's a Youtube vid of the game in action:

The game is finally done and uploaded!
Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening Axe Remake
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